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Corporate Governance

Leading Change Since 2017

BLE is leading great change in live online education. The first and ONLY K-12 school of it's kind in the world, we are a global virtual school system that focuses on the WHOLE child. We see learning as a lifelong journey, not one that ends after graduation. And we continue to challenge long-accepted beliefs and practices — harnessing insights from K–12 and adult learners, parents, educators, boards of education, policymakers, and the enterprises that need talented team members.

We continue to provide innovative, more effective ways to learn — focusing on building the skills and confidence learners need to make their way forward in life. From high-quality online and blended learning solutions to hands-on curriculum and career-oriented programs, learners, school districts, and enterprises are all empowered to unlock their full potential.

Tiffanie Brown

Founder & CEO

Nurturing Changemaker


Advisory Counsel

The BLE Enterprises team of Advisors serves as an advisory body to the CEO, promotes the school nationally and internationally and supports the school financially. The team comprises leaders who bring diverse professional backgrounds in public service, the private sector and the education industry.  They assist in developing and reviewing significant policies for recommendation to the CEO with regard to curriculum, tuition, enrollment, admissions, salaries, personnel, technology, facilities, public relations and development. This team of consultants have made tremendous contributions to BLE Enterprises' academic and institutional advancements. The BLE community is deeply grateful to the board's members for their generous commitments of time, expertise, and resources.

Our HQ

BLE Enterprises is a global machine that has numerous moving parts. From teacher to engineer, from copywriter to financial manager — we all work toward one goal: changing the trajectory of learning itself.  

Corporate Partnerships


Partner with You

We're always looking to partner with organizations and communities that want to support the educational development of our youth. Contact us today for more information on how we can work together.

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