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History in the Making

Serving the ones we love!


"....Tiffanie, why don't you just start a school?"

One question sparked an idea, that created a mission, that launched a global catalyst for change.  BLE Academy started in 2017 in the state of Virginia as a brick n mortar school geared toward a small demographic of students. The high school division was established right from the beginning in 2017, offering all core subjects and state-required courses of study. 


Recognizing the importance of holistic education, the school incorporated in-person activities and field trips to enhance the students' learning experience. Additionally, they offered enrichment courses to broaden students' knowledge and skills beyond the standard curriculum. Each school day began with a 30-minute homeroom session that included the daily text and school announcements, fostering a sense of community and engagement among students.

In 2018, it became a pioneer in providing full-day structured learning in a live virtual online format, making it the only school of its kind at the time and still holds true to this day. In 2018, the school expanded its offerings to include a middle school division. Alongside this expansion, they introduced the Guidance Coach program, which aimed to support students' mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Continuing its growth trajectory, the school further expanded in 2019 to establish an elementary school division, catering to younger students and ensuring a comprehensive K-12 education within their virtual environment. BLE also expanded to include SPED services for students with special needs and learning disabilities. 

In 2020, the school experienced an extraordinary 504% growth in enrollment over the course of a 3-month period of time, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased demand for remote learning options. This growth reflected the school's ability to adapt and meet the educational needs of students during challenging times.

Building on its success, the school expanded yet again in 2021 to cater to the Latin language communities. They introduced an all Spanish-language primary school division, providing education and support in the students' native language. 

One notable achievement of the school is its high success rate in post-graduation outcomes. Approximately 90% of its graduates have pursued higher education by attending college or trade schools. Additionally, all graduates have successfully secured employment, highlighting the school's commitment to preparing students for future careers.

Overall, this virtual K-12 private school, established in 2017 in Virginia, has experienced significant growth and expansion. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, incorporates in-person activities and field trips, focuses on students' mental and emotional well-being, and has achieved impressive outcomes for its graduates.

A Celebration with a Mission

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BLE celebrates five years of business by supporting students that need the most.

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Financial Literacy in Schools

When children learn financial literacy, they learn the basics of budgeting, saving and debt management. Students at BLE schools learn the basics and more. This education provides a strong foundation that they with build upon through the years and help them to become financially independent adults that make sound financial decisions.

BLE Enterprises founder, Tiffanie Brown has become a VIP member of the Little Daymond Financial Literacy Educator Program. This program was created by Shark Tank's Daymond Jones as a way to improve financial literacy in youth today. We're looking forward to utilizing the tools and resources to bring additional additional financial literacy support to the students at BLE schools.

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