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OurCare Program

Building Bridges, Nurturing Roots:

OurCare Program for Children Needing Loving Homes

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Bringing Hope and Healing: OurCare for Vulnerable Children

OurCare Program is dedicated to providing loving and stable homes for our young spiritual brothers and sisters (under 18) who find themselves in foster care or needing a stable and safe home. This initiative matches these vulnerable children with compassionate host families who share their spiritual heritage. By prioritizing continuity and connection, OurCare ensures that these children receive the support and understanding they need during a challenging time in their lives. Through the dedication of volunteers and partnerships with local foster care agencies and social services departments, OurCare aims to ensure that these children are placed in homes where their spirituality will be nurtured.

Our Children Need Us

Providing OUR Care

Your choice to open your heart and home could profoundly impact a young person's journey. Stability is often the crucial foundation for a child's success. By extending your love, guidance, and support to a child in need, you have the power to shape their future. At BLE, we provide loving and spiritually supportive homes to our young brothers and sisters in the faith. These children require a safe and nurturing environment due to experiences of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. As a host family or a foster parent, you become a vital part of a team dedicated to the well-being of these children. You offer stability and care while supporting their birth families in resolving issues and working towards reunification. If you're 25 or older, possess a steady income, and have space in your home, fostering/hosting may be a transformative opportunity to make a meaningful difference in a child's life.

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Looking for Volunteers

Are you skilled in administrative tasks or have experience working in social services? We're seeking dedicated volunteers to assist us in administrative tasks and help forge partnerships with social service agencies and manage this one-of-a-kind program.  Join us in making a difference in the lives of children and families in need. Contact us today to learn more about volunteer opportunities!

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Do you know a young brother or sister that needs a home? Let's talk!

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