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Tiffanie Brown

Founder and CEO

About Tiffanie

Tiffanie Brown is a visionary entrepreneur, educator, and widely recognized as the Founder and CEO of BLE Schools. With a deep passion for education and a commitment to creating safe and nurturing learning environments, Tiffanie has dedicated her career to empowering young minds and fostering holistic development. 


Tiffanie's journey began with a strong academic foundation, as she pursued her studies in International Business, with a minor in Finance. This comprehensive educational background equipped her with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the business world and make strategic decisions for the growth and sustainability of BLE Schools. 


A testament to her unwavering dedication to her faith and community, Tiffanie also serves as a Regular Pioneer, devoting her time and efforts to spiritual guidance and support for others. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those around her is a driving force behind the ethos of BLE Schools. 


Tiffanie's professional career in education initially took shape as an educator at Northampton County Schools in North Carolina. It was during this period that she witnessed firsthand the need for a safe and inclusive space where students could receive a well-rounded education, nurturing their academic, social, and spiritual development. This realization ignited Tiffanie's entrepreneurial spirit, leading her to establish BLE Academy in 2017. 


Under Tiffanie's visionary leadership, BLE Academy swiftly evolved into BLE Schools, an esteemed institution renowned for its commitment to educational excellence and holistic growth.  Prior to the 2020 pandemic, Tiffanie structured a live virtual school system that made it easy for parents to transfer from the public school system to the online world. Programs such as a structured online school day, Guidance Coaching, special education services, and more were already established, making it easy for students to transition from their brick n mortar public school's to BLE's live virtual school system.  Through innovative teaching methods, personalized learning approaches, and a strong emphasis on character development, BLE Schools has flourished, providing students with a transformative educational experience. 


Tiffanie's ability to blend her astute business acumen with her unwavering passion for education has positioned BLE Schools as a trailblazer in the field. Her entrepreneurial acumen and dedication to her mission have garnered recognition and respect from both the education and business communities alike. 


Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tiffanie Brown continues to inspire students, educators, and communities at large through her transformative work at BLE Schools. With her visionary leadership, she envisions expanding the reach and impact of BLE Schools, empowering generations of students to unlock their full potential and become catalysts for positive change in the world. 

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