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Parent Partnership Program

Collaboration and Support

Reviewing CV

 The Parent Partnership Program at BLE Schools offers an opportunity for parents to actively contribute their time and skills in exchange for tuition credit. Through the parent's involvement in various roles and responsibilities within the school community, parents can support the school's mission while reducing their tuition costs. This program fosters a strong partnership between the school and parents, promoting a collaborative and engaged educational environment. Limited administrative positions are available


Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Administrative Support:

    • Assist in administrative tasks in specific department

    • Help with reception duties, including answering phone calls and greeting visitors.

    • Aid in event planning and coordination, including logistics and preparations.

  2. Substitute Teaching:

    • Serve as substitute teachers in classrooms when regular teachers are absent.

    • Follow lesson plans and maintain a positive learning environment for students.

    • Provide instructional support and guidance to students as needed.

  3. After School Program Hosting:

    • Plan and lead after-school programs, clubs, or activities for students.

    • Coordinate schedules, materials, and resources for the programs.

    • Engage and supervise students during the activities.



  • Parents will be expected to commit 10 hours per week during business hours for 50% off of their child's tuition or 20 hours per week for 100% tuition discount

  • Must have a professional background within the department that you are applying for. 

  • Must meet regular employment requirements


Benefits of the Parent Partnership Program:

  • Financial Assistance

  • Enhanced School Community:​

  • Skill Development and Engagement​

Departments Available (Administrative Assistant)

  • Headquarters

  • Community Partnerships

  • Marketing

  • Communications

  • Academics and Instruction

  • Student Services

  • Legal

  • Admissions


Note: The specifics of the Parent Partnership Program, such as the number of required hours, tuition credit rates, and program guidelines, can be tailored to the needs and policies of your private school.

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