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New Book Series

Chantea Dowton

The new kid on the block!

Meet Chantea Downton

Meet Chantea! A 13 year old dynamic and resilient young girl with a vibrant personality. Although she comes from a large family, she is independent, driven, and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Chantea is resourceful and quick-witted, always finding creative solutions to challenges that come her way. Throughout this series, Chantea will face obstacles that challenge her determination and resilience. She will grow both personally and emotionally, learning valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

A New Beginning

In a quiet neighborhood community of Springdale, lives Chantea Dowton, a spirited and imaginative 13-year-old girl. One summer, an uneasy change unfolded as her family prepared to move to a new town. Will she like her new school? How will she make new friends? Why do they have to move anyway? Join Chantea, as she takes on this new beginning!

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